Why Writers NEED to get Online

A Presentation from Naropa University's 2008 Summer Writing Program

You can watch the presentation above, download the audio only, or download the slide presentation in Open Document Format or Power Point.

Get a Blog!

The following websites are great places to get a blog for free:

Buy a Domain Name & Host It

I personally use DreamHost to manage all of my websites. For less than $100 a year, I can host as many websites as I can dream up. They also offer things like one-click installs of common web application platforms (like Wordpress, Joomla, and more). They make it really easy for beginners to get websites up and running with a minimum of effort. If you're signing up with them, use promo code SWP for a free Domain Name and a $50 discount on services.

I used to host over at 1&1, and they offer a "beginner" wesbite package for about $50/year that includes some website building software to get online quickly. You get a free domain name with them, too. This probably isn't a bad bet for starters, either.

Those with a high level of technical expertise (i.e. you know your way around a command line) looking for a cheap and reliable option may want to consider NearlyFreeSpeech, which, in contrast to DreamHost, will probably only run you a few bucks a year.


If you're interested in learning more about issues like Net Neutrality and free speech/privacy online, two great organizations are here help: